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We have advanced production technique and a professional technical team led by the engineers who have been dedicated to advancing technology in this field for more than 30 years. The enterprise has a perfect process management system and the strict quality regulation control prompt our products to be of good quality.


Out of the inner tube: 

Internal glue sending process requirements: 
The extrusion process of the inner pipe should often check whether the outer diameter of the rubber pipe and the uniformity of the rubber layer meet the construction requirements, adjust immediately if it is found abnormal, and pick out the nonconforming products in time and mark them for further treatment. 

Braided or Spiral: 

Process work requirements: 
In the knitting process, we should often check the quality, lack of medium glue, weave wavy lines, loose lines, broken lines, and so on, and stop and deal with them in time. 
The surface of the braided layer should be flat, if the waviness is more than 0.3mm, or there is a serious back strand phenomenon, the reason should be analyzed and dealt with in time. 



Rubber Cover:

External glue sending process work requirements: 
In the process of pressing out the glue, we should often check the outer diameter and appearance quality of the rubber pipe, take the empty glue to check whether the thickness is uniform or not, and stop and adjust the thickness in time when it is found that there is a phenomenon of partial thickness. 


Process work requirements: 
Remove the condensed water from the pipe before vulcanization and warm the tank to 90 C with 0.1~0.2MPa steam pressure. If the vulcanization interval between the front and rear cans is not more than 2 hours, the tank can not be reheated. 



Name  Temperture ℃  0.05MPa
heat preservation (’)
vulcanizing time(’) steam pressure MPa
Hard core hydraulic hose 150 15 50 0.4±0.02
Soft core hydraulic hose 150 15 70 0.4±0.02



From raw materials to various production processes, each batch of products can be molded to track the process. Ensure the efficient coordination of each process. Save production costs at the same time, maximize the customer's product quality and interest demands. 
To provide high-quality hydraulic applications, we are serious.



Customized export packaging according to customer requirements. 
The packing of the hydraulic hose should also take into account the working environment of the customer's practical application, the climatic conditions of the market area and the brand image of the customer. 


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